Sunday, March 4, 2007

Astral Projection harmonic

Accelerated psychological change - Out-of-body experiences - Astral Projection help us to break free from old mental ruts and habits.

You will get a decreased fear of death that would be a comfort to everybody.

Learn how easy it is to solve problems that seem impossible normally but easier during astral projection

Spontaneous healing, Heal yourself - it is said that you can heal yourself while in Astral Projection

Encountering a being of light, an angel, or nonphysical resident of some kind - Many people report face-to-face meetings with some form of non-physical inhabitant. Dr. Stuart Twemlow reports that thirty-seven percent of his study groups were aware of the presence of a non-physical being while thirty percent reported the presence of guides or helpers.

Increased self-respect, self-responsibility and inner dependence - Many recognize, often for the first time, that they are the creative centre of their physical existence. They often experience the vast potential and power of their inner, non physical self and tap into their creative essence. Many people have told me that they realize more than ever that they are completely responsible for all their actions, both thoughts and deeds

Get accelerated personal development. You will see a change that will benefit you greatly

Increased intelligence, memory recall and enhanced imagination - Many people report that their out-of-body experiences have somehow enhanced their awareness and intelligence.

A profound sense of knowing instead of believing - Personal knowledge is powerful and life-changing especially when compared to beliefs. Out-of-body experiences provide firsthand, verifiable knowledge of our immortality and our spiritual identity. This knowledge cannot be adequately explained - it must be experienced.
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